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A fine of 1000 AED and 10 Traffic Points for Not Stopping at the “Stop” Signal for School Buses



A fine of 1000 AED and 10 Traffic Points for Not Stopping at the "Stop" Signal for School Buses

A fine of 1000 AED and 10 Traffic Points for Not Stopping at the “Stop” Signal for School Buses. Abu Dhabi Police have issued a stern warning to vehicle drivers regarding the imperative of stopping at the “stop” signal displayed by school buses. Failure to adhere to this crucial safety measure will result in hefty fines and the accumulation of traffic points, as emphasized by the authorities.

Why Stopping Matters

When the side arm, commonly known as the stop sign, of a school bus extends in both directions, it signals the need for surrounding vehicles to come to a complete stop. This measure is implemented to ensure the safety of students crossing the road, mandating drivers to maintain a distance of no less than five meters from the bus.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

Drivers who disregard the “stop” signal specific to school buses face severe consequences. Abu Dhabi Police have made it clear that a fine of 1000 AED will be imposed, accompanied by 10 traffic points on the offender’s record. This strict enforcement underscores the importance of prioritizing student safety on the roads.

Promoting Compliance through Incentives

In alignment with their commitment to community safety and well-being, Abu Dhabi Police introduced the “Act Early and Benefit” program. This initiative aims to incentivize prompt payment of traffic violations, offering substantial discounts for early settlement.

Discounts and Installment Plans

Under the “Act Early and Benefit” program, drivers stand to receive a 35% discount on their violation if paid within 60 days from the violation date, excluding dangerous violations. Moreover, a 25% discount is applicable for payments made within one year after the violation date.

To facilitate ease of payment, installment plans with zero interest for up to 12 months are available through affiliated banks and financial institutions. Payments can be conveniently processed via the official Abu Dhabi government platform, TAMM, or directly at service centers.


Abu Dhabi Police stringent measures regarding non-compliance with school bus “stop” signals underscore their unwavering commitment to ensuring road safety, particularly for students. By enforcing strict penalties and offering incentives for early compliance, authorities aim to foster a culture of responsibility and vigilance among vehicle drivers, ultimately contributing to the well-being of the community as a whole.

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