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Dh600 Fine For Driving in Bus and Taxi Lanes



Dh600 Fine For Driving in Bus and Taxi Lanes

Dh600 Fine For Driving in Bus and Taxi Lanes. Starting January 1, a Dh600 fine will be imposed on drivers who use dedicated bus and taxi lanes in Dubai, announced the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). This initiative aims to enhance traffic flow and encourage the use of public transport, reflecting global practices seen in cities across North America and Europe.

Enforcement and Coverage

The RTA will initially deploy automated surveillance systems along a one-kilometre stretch of Naif Street, targeting vehicles that violate the dedicated lane regulations. This system will operate from January 1 to the end of March as a pilot phase. Violations will be captured either through surveillance cameras or by Dubai Police patrols.

Regulations and Exceptions

According to Order No (1) for 2010, vehicles permitted to use these lanes include public buses, taxis, Dubai Police vehicles, Civil Defence vehicles, and ambulances responding to emergencies. Private vehicles may only enter or exit subsidiary roads using these lanes.

Objectives and Benefits

Chairman of the RTA, Mattar Al Tayer, highlighted several benefits of enforcing these regulations. They include reducing traffic congestion, improving punctuality of bus services, shortening taxi journey times, cutting operational costs for public transport, and minimizing carbon emissions. The initiative aligns with surveys revealing public support, with 77% of respondents favoring expansion of dedicated lanes across Dubai streets.

Public Response and Future Plans

RTA surveys indicate positive feedback, with 75% noting reduced journey times and 86% of bus drivers satisfied with increased ridership and efficiency. This feedback underscores the potential for broader implementation of dedicated lanes in future urban planning initiatives.


The introduction of fines for unauthorized use of bus and taxi lanes represents a significant step towards sustainable urban mobility in Dubai. By prioritizing public transport, the city aims to enhance overall transportation efficiency and reduce environmental impact. As enforcement begins, drivers are encouraged to adhere to lane regulations to support these goals and avoid penalties.

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