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RTA Driving Test – How to Pass the First Time



RTA Driving Test - How to Pass the First Time

RTA Driving Test – How to Pass the First Time. Preparing for your RTA (Road and Transport Authority) road test is a significant step, whether it’s your first attempt or you’ve tried before. Passing this test means you’re ready to drive legally on Dubai’s roads. Feeling nervous is normal, but with proper preparation and the right mindset, you can succeed. This article will discuss how to pass the RTA driving test on your first try in the UAE.

How To Register For The RTA Dubai Driving Test

To apply for the RTA Dubai driving test, you need to prepare several important documents:

  1. Original Emirates ID: This card is necessary to verify your identity.
  2. Eye Test Results: You need to complete an eye test and bring the results with you.
  3. No Objection Letter: This letter must be signed by your sponsor, indicating their approval for you to apply for the driving test.
  4. Passport-Sized Photograph: This photo will be used for your driving documents.

The RTA Driving Test: Key Components

The driving test consists of three main parts:

  1. Theory Test: This section tests your knowledge of road signs, traffic rules, and safe driving practices. Studying is essential to pass this part of the test.
  2. Road Test: In this section, you will drive on the road with an examiner. You must show that you can control the vehicle and follow traffic laws.
  3. Parking Test: This part assesses your ability to park the vehicle correctly. You may need to perform different types of parking, such as parallel parking or reverse parking.

How To Sit For The RTA Driving Theory Test

The RTA driving theory test is a crucial step in obtaining your driving license in Dubai. You must answer 35 questions covering road signs, road safety, and driving behavior.

The test is divided into three sections:

  1. Traffic Rules Questions: This part includes questions about the rules and regulations you must follow when driving.
  2. Driving License Questions: These questions focus on the different types of driving licenses and the requirements for each.
  3. Risk Recognition Test: In this section, you need to identify and understand different driving risks and how to handle them.

The test is available in English and Arabic. If you are not fluent in either of these languages, you can opt for an oral exam.

Checklist For The RTA Driving Theory Exam

To pass the RTA Dubai driving theory test, practice is key. Here is a checklist to help you prepare:

  1. Attend Driving Classes: Make sure to attend all the driving classes scheduled by your driving school. These classes will teach you the basics and important rules of driving.
  2. Download the RTA Driving Test App: Get the RTA driving test app on your smartphone. This app is a useful tool for studying and practicing for the test.
  3. Take Mock Exams: Participate in practice exams available on the RTA app. These mock tests will give you a feel of the actual exam.
  4. Start with Easy Tests: Begin your preparation by taking the easiest exams first to build your confidence. Gradually move on to harder tests as you become more comfortable.
  5. Practice All Tests on the App: Go through all the practice tests on the RTA app to become familiar with the type of questions on the actual test.
  6. Review Penalties for Road Rule Violations: Use the fine section of the driving test app to study the penalties for breaking road rules.

How To Pass The RTA Driving Test

The road test is the final and most challenging part of getting your driving license. To be ready for the RTA driving test, ensure you have your Emirates ID, necessary photographs, a driving file, and a copy of the road test fee transaction.

Here is a checklist to help you prepare for the RTA driving road test:

  1. Check the Doors: Make sure all the doors of the vehicle are securely closed before you start driving.
  2. Adjust Seats and Mirrors: Move the seats and mirrors to positions where you can see and reach everything comfortably.
  3. Use a Seat Belt: Always put on your seat belt before starting the car.
  4. Check Window Wipers: Ensure that the window wipers are working properly.
  5. Check Vehicle Lights: Test all the lights on the vehicle, including headlights, brake lights, and turn signals.
  6. Horn Check: Test the horn to make sure it works.
  7. Examine Mirrors Again: Make a final check of all mirrors to ensure you have a clear view of the road and other vehicles.

How To Change Lanes Safely

When driving and needing to change lanes, safety is paramount. Here are some tips:

  1. Check Mirrors and Blind Spots: Always check your mirrors and look over your shoulder to see if there are any cars behind you.
  2. Smooth Movements: Change lanes smoothly and steadily to avoid surprising other drivers.
  3. Maintain Speed: Keep your speed consistent when changing lanes to avoid disrupting the flow of traffic.
  4. Stay in Your Lane: Once you’ve changed lanes, stay in it to drive predictably.


Applying for the RTA Driving Test in Dubai requires understanding the requirements, studying diligently, and scheduling your test online through the RTA portal. Following these steps ensures a smooth process toward obtaining your driver’s license in Dubai. Be well-prepared and organized to maximize your chances of success.

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