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RTA New Service Extends the Life of Your Car



RTA New Service Extends the Life of Your Car

RTA New Service Extends the Life of Your Car. Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is revolutionizing vehicle maintenance with its latest initiative aimed at extending the service life of commercial vehicles owned by registered companies and entities in Dubai. This groundbreaking service is set to benefit the bustling car rental industry in the emirate, with plans to expand its coverage to other vehicle categories in subsequent phases.

RTA New Service Extends the Life of Your Car

In a bid to elevate the quality and longevity of vehicles in operation, the RTA has introduced an optional service tailored for companies operating in Dubai’s car rental sector. This service is strategically designed to enable businesses to proactively extend the lifespan of their fleet through comprehensive technical inspections, aligning with the highest international standards and RTA’s stringent guidelines for car rental activities.

How It Works – A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access and Selection: Companies can effortlessly initiate the process by logging onto the RTA website using their dedicated accounts and selecting the designated service.
  2. Information Review: Upon selection, a detailed overview of the service requirements and pertinent information is provided for thorough understanding.
  3. Agreement and Confirmation: After reviewing the terms and conditions, companies are required to confirm the request with their relevant data, affirming their participation in the program.
  4. Vehicle Selection: The next step involves selecting vehicles within the company fleet that have reached their maximum lifespan, signaling the need for inspection and potential lifespan extension.
  5. Appointment Booking: Companies are given the flexibility to choose the preferred service center, along with the date and time convenient for the life extension test.
  6. Confirmation Email: Upon successful booking, a confirmation email containing the details of the scheduled appointment is dispatched to the customer.
  7. On-site Testing: On the appointed date, customers are expected to attend the designated service center, complete the necessary payment for the lifespan extension inspection, and proceed with the vehicle test.
  8. Result Processing: In the event of a passing result, customers are instructed to apply for the standard technical traffic safety test within 30 days, utilizing the Life Extension Inspection Certificate as validation.

Fail-Safe Measures: Ensuring Vehicle Safety

To uphold the integrity of the program and guarantee the safety of vehicles on the road, stringent regulations are in place for vehicles that do not meet the required standards during the lifespan extension test.

  • Three-Strike Rule: Should a vehicle fail the initial test, the customer is obligated to undertake essential technical improvements to address the identified issues.
  • Maximum Retest Allowance: Companies are permitted to apply for the test up to a maximum of three times, providing ample opportunity for rectification and compliance.

Forward Momentum: A Visionary Approach

Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, CEO of Licensing Agency, RTA, affirms the authority commitment to advancing vehicle maintenance practices through meticulous planning and strategic implementation. Extensive technical studies and comprehensive field surveys have paved the way for the seamless introduction of this service, marking a significant milestone in Dubai journey towards automotive excellence.


Dubai RTA innovative initiative stands as a testament to the authority unwavering dedication to fostering sustainable transportation solutions and enhancing the overall quality and safety of vehicles traversing the emirate’s roads. By empowering businesses with the tools to prolong the lifespan of their vehicles, this service not only promotes economic viability but also contributes to a greener and safer future for all.

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