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RTA Services -A Complete Guide



RTA Services

RTA Services. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai is committed to providing world-class transport solutions to meet the needs of residents and visitors. From public transport to vehicle services, the RTA offers a wide array of services to ensure a smooth and efficient travel experience. This article delves into the key services provided by the RTA, including public transport, vehicle registration, driver services, and more.

RTA Services

Public Transport

The RTA offers an extensive public transport network that includes buses, trams, the Dubai Metro, and marine transport. These services are designed to offer convenient, affordable, and sustainable travel options.

  • Nol Cards: These are smart cards used for paying fares on various public transport services. The RTA provides several types of Nol cards to suit different travel needs.
  • Bus Services: With a fleet of modern buses, the RTA ensures that all areas of Dubai are well-connected.
  • Dubai Metro: The driverless, fully automated metro network is a fast and reliable way to travel across the city.
  • Trams and Marine Transport: The tram network and water buses/ferries add to the versatility of public transport options available in Dubai.


The RTA provides a range of services related to vehicle registration, renewal, and ownership transfer.

  • Apply for Registering a New Vehicle: This service allows residents to register their newly purchased vehicles with the RTA.
  • Apply for Vehicle Renewal: Ensuring your vehicle registration is up-to-date is crucial, and the RTA offers a straightforward renewal process.
  • Apply for Changing a Vehicle Ownership: This service facilitates the transfer of vehicle ownership between parties.
  • Pay Vehicle Fines: The RTA provides an easy way to pay fines online, ensuring that all payments are processed promptly.


The RTA supports drivers with services ranging from license renewal to driver training programs.

  • Apply for Renewing a Driving Licence: Drivers can easily renew their driving licenses through the RTA’s online portal.
  • Apply to Register as a Driver Licensing Service Provider: This service is aimed at those looking to offer driver training and licensing services.

Right of Way

Managing the right-of-way is essential for maintaining orderly and safe traffic flow.

  • Apply for a Permit to Utilise Part of The Right-of-Way: Businesses and individuals can apply for permits to use parts of the right-of-way for various purposes.

Commercial Transport

The RTA regulates commercial transport services to ensure safety and compliance with standards.

  • Transport Using Luxury Vehicles: This service allows businesses to register luxury vehicles for commercial use.
  • Apply for a Permit to Advertise on Vehicles: Companies can apply for permits to use their vehicles for advertising purposes.


  • The RTA provides opportunities for investment in transport infrastructure and services, promoting public-private partnerships.

Shared Mobility

  • Shared mobility services like ride-hailing and car-sharing are integral to the RTA’s vision for sustainable transport solutions.

NOCs for Infrastructure Works

  • No Objection Certificates (NOCs) are required for various infrastructure works affecting public roads and transport facilities.

Traffic Services

  • The RTA offers a range of traffic services to enhance road safety and manage traffic flow effectively.

Most Popular Services

Here are some of the most popular services offered by the RTA:

  • Apply for Direct Purchasing of an Auction Special Plate Number
  • Enquire about Special Plate Numbers
  • Apply for Reserving a Parking for a Mosque
  • Apply for Reserving a Parking for a Building
  • Apply for Reserving a Public Parking for a Contracting Company
  • Parking Permits for People of Determination and Senior Emiratis
  • Apply for Seasonal Parking Permit for Public Parking
  • Apply for a Broad Public Parking Permit for a Governmental Entity
  • Apply for a Limited Public Parking Permit for a Governmental Entity
  • Apply for Temporary Outdoor Advertising Permits
  • Apply for Numbering Houses and Buildings


The RTA in Dubai offers a comprehensive range of services, ensuring efficient and safe transport solutions. From public transport to vehicle registration and driver services, the RTA continually innovates to enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.

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