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RTA to Test Hydrogen Buses in Dubai’s Climate



RTA to Test Hydrogen Buses in Dubai’s Climate

RTA to Test Hydrogen Buses in Dubai’s Climate. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to introduce hydrogen-powered buses into the city’s transportation fleet. This move is part of Dubai’s ongoing commitment to sustainable development and reducing environmental impact through innovative technology.

Signing of the Agreement

Recently, Ahmed Hashem Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA’s Public Transport Agency, and Swaidan Al Naboodah, Managing Director of the partnering company, finalized an agreement to commence trials of the hydrogen bus. This partnership marks a significant step towards integrating cutting-edge eco-friendly solutions into Dubai’s public transport infrastructure.

Advantages of Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel offers a promising alternative to traditional diesel buses due to its environmentally friendly characteristics. Bahrozyan highlighted that hydrogen is lightweight and boasts three times the energy density of diesel while emitting no harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. This makes it an ideal choice for sustainable long-distance travel solutions, aligning perfectly with Dubai’s ambitious environmental goals.

Trial Phase Details

During the trial phase, the focus will be on assessing how the hydrogen bus performs under Dubai’s unique climate and operational conditions. This includes evaluating the challenges and opportunities associated with hydrogen fuel production and supply chain logistics. RTA will collaborate closely with key stakeholders, notably the hydrogen supplier ENOC, to ensure seamless integration of the bus into Dubai’s existing mass transport system.

Strategic Importance

The initiative underscores RTA’s strategic vision to enhance Dubai’s public transport sector with cutting-edge technology. By embracing hydrogen-powered buses, RTA aims to set a precedent for sustainable urban mobility solutions in the region. This trial represents a crucial step towards achieving Dubai’s broader sustainability objectives and reducing carbon footprint through innovative transportation solutions.


RTA decision to trial a hydrogen bus in Dubai signifies a bold leap toward sustainable transportation solutions. By leveraging hydrogen technology, RTA not only aims to mitigate environmental impact but also sets a precedent for other cities globally.

As the trial progresses, stakeholders will closely monitor the outcomes, paving the way for potential future expansion of hydrogen-powered public transport options across Dubai. This initiative reaffirms Dubai’s commitment to leading the way in sustainable urban development and creating a greener future for generations to come.

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