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New Bus Lane With Broken Yellow Lines – Violators Face Dh600 Fine



New Bus Lane With Broken Yellow Lines - Violators Face Dh600 Fine

New Bus Lane With Broken Yellow Lines – Violators Face Dh600 Fine. Motorists in Dubai should be on high alert as a new dedicated bus lane has been introduced on First Al Khail Street in Al Quoz. Unlike other bus lanes in the city, this one does not feature the distinctive bright red markings, which may catch drivers off guard. The penalty for violating this bus lane is a hefty fine of Dh600, as reported by Khaleej Times.

Location and Features of the New Bus Lane

The new bus lane is located in one direction only, starting from Al Quoz Bus Station and extending towards the bowling centre heading to Zaa’beel. Unlike the bus lanes on Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Naif Street, and Al Ghubaiba Road, which are marked with solid yellow lines and bright red paint, this lane is marked with broken yellow lines.

These broken yellow lines are strategically placed to accommodate motorists turning right to Latifa bint Hamdan Street towards Al Khail Road or those taking the service road near the Galadari office. This variation in lane markings is crucial for motorists to note in order to avoid penalties.

Expansion of Dedicated Bus and Taxi Lanes

In April, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced an ambitious plan to expand Dubai’s network of dedicated bus and taxi lanes. The new additions will span 13.1 km on six major streets, increasing the total length of dedicated lanes to 20.1 km. The streets slated for these new lanes include Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, 2nd of December, Al Satwa, Al Nahda, Omar bin Al Khattab, and Naif streets.

The RTA’s goal with these expansions is to reduce journey times by nearly 60% on certain routes. This move is expected to significantly boost the efficiency and reliability of public transportation in Dubai.

Impact on Public Transport Usage

The introduction of more dedicated bus lanes is part of a broader strategy to enhance public transport usage in the city. According to Thomas Edelmann, founder and managing director of RoadSafetyUAE, these lanes will not only cut travel time but also ensure that buses adhere to their timetables by avoiding regular traffic congestion.

“This is another innovation for Dubai, and it always good news for raising awareness around road safety,” Edelmann said. He also believes that the dedicated lanes will encourage more people to use the bus system, which in turn will lead to fewer vehicles on the roads, thereby reducing traffic jams, pollution, and erratic driving behavior.


The new bus lane on First Al Khail Street represents Dubai continuous efforts to improve its public transport infrastructure and road safety. Motorists are advised to be vigilant and adhere to the new lane regulations to avoid fines and contribute to the overall efficiency of the city’s transportation system. With these dedicated lanes, Dubai aims to promote a more reliable and user-friendly public transport network, benefiting all road users.

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