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The RTA Upgrades 900 Lighting Units to LED Technology Along 9km



The RTA Upgrades 900 Lighting Units to LED Technology Along 9km

The RTA Upgrades 900 Lighting Units to LED Technology Along 9km. In a significant move towards enhancing sustainability and energy efficiency, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has completed the successful upgrade of 900 lighting units along 9 km of Sheikh Rashid Street to energy-efficient LED technology.

Enhancing Road Safety and Sustainability

This ambitious project targets the improvement of road lighting infrastructure along a vital corridor in Dubai. Covering a distance of 9 km and spanning 10 lanes, the upgrade serves to enhance safety and visibility for motorists traversing Sheikh Rashid Street in both directions.

Aligning with Dubai’s Strategic Objectives

The initiative aligns closely with Dubai’s strategic objectives, particularly focusing on energy conservation and the promotion of a green economy. By transitioning to LED lighting, the RTA aims to reduce energy consumption and contribute to the UAE’s Sustainability Initiative 2024.

Phased Implementation for Efficiency

Implemented over a span of six months, the upgrade was divided into three phases for efficient execution. Beginning from Deira to Al Garhoud Bridge, the project progressed through the stretch between Deira and Bur Dubai before culminating at the intersection of Sheikh Khalifa Street with Sheikh Rashid Street.

Benefits of LED Technology

Abdullah Lootah, Director of Road and Facilities Maintenance at RTA, emphasized the numerous benefits of LED lighting over traditional options. LED technology boasts a 60% reduction in energy consumption and an impressive lifespan, lasting up to 60,000 hours compared to 22,000 hours for conventional lights.

Improving Visibility and Efficiency

Moreover, LED lights offer superior brightness and color clarity, doubling the quality of lighting on Dubai’s roads. With a brightness level of 4000 degrees, LED units significantly enhance nighttime visibility, thus augmenting traffic safety. Additionally, the technology reduces energy losses and heat emissions by 38%, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Commitment to Sustainability

RTA commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere infrastructure upgrades. By incorporating smart and innovative solutions tailored to Dubai’s climate, the authority ensures a holistic approach towards environmental stewardship while meeting the evolving needs of the emirate’s road network.


The successful upgrade of 900 lighting units along Sheikh Rashid Street marks a significant milestone in RTA’s journey towards a greener and more sustainable future for Dubai’s transportation infrastructure.

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