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RTA Warns of Traffic Delays on Key Road Informs of Parking Spaces



RTA Warns of Traffic Delays on Key Road Informs of Parking Spaces

RTA Warns of Traffic Delays on Key Road Informs of Parking Spaces. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has issued a warning to commuters about potential traffic delays on a significant road in Dubai this Sunday.

RTA Warns of Traffic Delays on Key Road Informs of Parking Spaces

The RTA announced on their social media platforms that delays are anticipated on Oud Metha Road and the surrounding internal streets near Al Wasl Club from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM on Sunday. This congestion is expected due to the football match between Al Wasl and Shabab Al Ahli at Al Wasl FC.

Public Transport Options for Fans

To facilitate smooth transportation for football fans, the RTA recommends using the Dubai Metro. Fans can travel to Al Jadaf station, from where RTA will provide buses to transport them directly to the stadium. This arrangement aims to reduce traffic congestion and offer a convenient travel option for match attendees.

Alternative Routes and Parking Information

The RTA has advised motorists to use alternative routes and follow directional signs to ensure a smoother journey. For those who plan to drive to the game, the RTA has provided several parking options:

Parking Spaces Around Al Wasl Club

  • 1,500 spots in the parking area directly surrounding Al Wasl Club
  • 1,600 spots in the adjacent lot next to Al Wasl Club
  • 1,350 spots in nearby lots close to Al Wasl Club
  • 1,500 alternative parking spaces at Al Boom Tourist Village

These extensive parking options are designed to accommodate the influx of fans and minimize traffic disruptions.

Dubai Police Advisory

In addition to the RTA’s announcement, Dubai Police posted on social media on Sunday afternoon, advising supporters to adhere to guidelines to avoid any incidents of intolerance or verbal altercations during the match. This advisory aims to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all attendees.


With the anticipated traffic delays and the large number of fans expected to attend the match, the RTA’s proactive measures, including public transport options and ample parking spaces, are crucial for ensuring a smooth experience for everyone involved. Commuters and fans are encouraged to plan their journeys accordingly and follow the provided guidelines to avoid inconvenience.

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