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Achieving Preventative Maintenance of Sidewalks Spanning 80000 m2 in 2023



Achieving Preventative Maintenance of Sidewalks Spanning 80000 m2 in 2023

Achieving Preventative Maintenance of Sidewalks Spanning 80000 m2 in 2023. In its ongoing commitment to maintaining top-tier infrastructure standards, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) embarked on an ambitious preventative maintenance plan in 2023. Covering over 80,000 square meters, this endeavor aimed to enhance the longevity and safety of sidewalks across various key areas in the emirate.

Upholding Asset Sustainability and Customer Satisfaction

Under the Preventive Maintenance Plan 2023, RTA meticulously addressed sidewalk maintenance in residential, tourist, commercial, economic, and coastal zones throughout Dubai. This comprehensive approach underscored RTA dedication to not only preserving infrastructure but also elevating customer happiness and community well-being.

Diverse Maintenance Scope

The maintenance initiative targeted a spectrum of sidewalk types, including those for pedestrians, crosswalks, service roads, and combined use by pedestrians and cyclists. Furthermore, the project encompassed rectifying issues such as subsidence, erosion, damage, or tile loss, attributed to factors ranging from improper use to environmental influences.

Commitment to Safety and Aesthetics

Engineer Hussein Al-Banna, CEO of Traffic and Roads Agency, RTA, emphasized the project’s significance in upholding safety standards and enhancing Dubai’s visual appeal. By prioritizing durability and aesthetics, RTA aimed to align with global benchmarks, reinforcing its vision of becoming a world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility.

Embracing Advanced Technologies

RTA’s adoption of sophisticated maintenance technologies underscores its commitment to efficient asset monitoring and management. By leveraging these tools, RTA ensures the structural integrity of road assets and prioritizes user safety amidst Dubai’s rapid urban expansion.

Expanding Preventive Maintenance

Looking ahead to 2024, RTA plans to expand its preventive maintenance efforts by at least 10% compared to the previous year. This expansion will encompass key areas such as Al Wuheida, Al Khabisi, Al Twar 2, and more, including cycling tracks and intersections. RTA remains steadfast in implementing necessary safety measures to minimize disruptions and ensure pedestrian safety during maintenance activities.


RTA preventive maintenance endeavors not only fortify Dubai’s infrastructure but also epitomize its commitment to sustainable urban development and community well-being. Through strategic planning and innovative approaches, RTA continues to set the benchmark for excellence in transportation infrastructure management.

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