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Black Points Check – How To Check Your Black Points In UAE?



Black Points Check - How To Check Your Black Points In UAE?

To be a responsible driver, you must maintain a spotless driving record, for example. Keeping track of your black point status is crucial to maintaining safe driving practices in the United Arab Emirates.

It is essential to stay informed about your black point status in order to practice responsible driving. These points indicate traffic violations and can affect your driving privileges.

Black Points Check Dubai

A crucial part of UAE road safety is the Black Point System. When drivers violate traffic rules, such as speeding or running a red light, they accumulate black points. It is a way to monitor and enforce traffic rules. As the system acts as a scale of accountability, the more points you receive, the worse the offense.

You may be restricted from driving and have higher car insurance costs if you accumulate numerous black points. Moreover, authorities may impose additional fines and penalties for reckless driving. Black points aren’t rewards; they’re penalties designed to discourage reckless driving.

Your black points can be kept informed in a number of ways. Traffic authorities use cameras to keep track of traffic violations. Within 48 hours of an offense, the corresponding black points are added to your account, and you will receive an SMS notification. Moreover, you can easily keep track of your total number of black points.

RTA Black Points

When your driving licence reaches 24 black points, the RTA suspends your licence for a period of time. The period of time depends on the number of times you have accumulated 24 black points against your Dubai driving licence during the period of suspension.

Black Points Check Through EVG

No matter where your vehicle is registered, you can easily access the Emirates Gates (EVG) website to find out about your black points and fines:

  • Visit Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) official website to pay traffic fines.
  • Sign in to your account
  • Check for outstanding fines

A credit card can then be used to pay fines online.

Black Points Of Traffic Violations

A list of black points attributed to different offenses can be conveniently accessed through the Dubai Police Website. Traffic violation catalog and crucial details, including fines, black points, and vehicle confiscation periods, are provided in this comprehensive online resource.

How Long Do Black Points Stay On Your License?

You must be cautious and ensure that the cumulative number of black points within a single year does not exceed 24. Black points remain on your license for a year. You will be subject to suspension of your license if the total number of black points exceeds this threshold.

If you accumulate more than 24 black points for the third time, you will be suspended for an entire year, and your license will be suspended for three to six months. Moreover, following each suspension, the driver is required to take a driving course and retake a driving test.


What is the black point rule in UAE?

There is a one-year validity period for black points on the driver’s record. You need to ensure your accumulated black points do not exceed 24 in a single year. If they do, you will lose your license. A license suspension typically lasts between 3 and 6 months.

Why register black points in Abu Dhabi?

In order to promote safe driving practices and keep an eye out for reckless behavior, Abu Dhabi employs the Traffic Points System to monitor drivers’ conduct on the road. In the Traffic Points System, all drivers are given zero points at the beginning.

What is the maximum black points in UAE?

If you accumulate 24 black points on your license, your driving license will be confiscated for six months, you will be fined for each black point. You can drive and keep your license up to 23 black points in the UAE.


Maintaining a clean driving record is paramount to responsible driving in the UAE. Regularly checking your black point status ensures compliance with traffic regulations. Exceeding the limit of 24 black points can lead to license suspension and hefty fines, emphasizing the importance of safe driving practices.



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