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UAE Vehicle License Renewal Online – RTA Vehicle Renewal



Renewal of your vehicle license easy in the United Arab Emirates. Technology advancements have improved administrative processes, including renewing vehicles licenses. You can renew your vehicle license online in the UAE with the help of this article, which provides step-by-step instructions.

UAE Vehicle License Renewal Online

Step 1: Visit the “Official Website.”


Step 2: Go on “Driver and Car Owner,” and “Vehicle License.” Then click on “Vehicle Renewal.”


Step 3: Enter the “Identity Verification” details.

Step 4: Enter your “Vehicle Information.”

Step 5: Vehicle Inspection

Step 6: Enter your “Vehicle Insurance” details.

Step 7: Enter your Vehicle Number Plates

Step 8: Enter the Delivery Locations

Step 9:Please Select Plates Centers

Step 10: Review And Payment

Vehicle License Renewal Cost

Vehicle license renewal cost are AED 380. This fee applies to most vehicles and is payable annually. Vehicle owners must budget for this expense to ensure their vehicles remain legally registered and roadworthy.

Vehicle License Renewal Processing Time

Vehicle license renewal processing time is 3 days. Your local regulations and procedures may affect this duration. Many regions use three days as a benchmark.


The service is available to individual customers, citizens and residents, as well as companies who wish to use it.

Importance Of Vehicle License Renewal

Renewing your vehicle license is not just a legal requirement but also a matter of safety and compliance. In the UAE, driving with an expired license can lead to hefty fines, impoundment of the vehicle, and even legal repercussions. Therefore, staying on top of your vehicle license renewal is essential for hassle-free driving and peace of mind.

Advantages of Online Renewal

Gone are the days of long queues and tedious paperwork. Thanks to digitalization, renewing your vehicle license online offers a plethora of benefits:

  1. Convenience: Renew your vehicle license from the comfort of your home or office, eliminating the need to visit physical offices.
  2. Time-saving: Say goodbye to long waiting times. Online renewal allows you to complete the process swiftly, without disrupting your schedule.
  3. 24/7 Accessibility: With online services available round the clock, you can renew your vehicle license at any time that suits you best, even outside regular working hours.
  4. Efficiency: The online renewal process is designed to be user-friendly, guiding you through each step effortlessly and minimizing errors.

FAQs About License Renewal

How much is the fee for driving license renewal in UAE?

Drivers over 21 in Dubai must pay AED 300 to renew their licenses. The cost of the application is AED 100 for applicants under 21. Knowledge and Innovation fees of AED 20 are also required.

What is the grace period for mulkiya renewal in Dubai?

Despite the 12-month validity of UAE car registrations, car owners get one month’s grace period for renewals. If you are stopped by the police, you will not be subject to any fines or penalties.

What is the fine for expired registration in Dubai?

Once this period has elapsed, the RTA will impose a monthly fine of Dh35 on the individual. A motorist found driving on the roads with an expired registration will be fined Dh500 and given four black points. In addition, the vehicle will be impounded for seven days.


Renewing your vehicle license in the United Arab Emirates has been made easy with online services. By following the step-by-step instructions available on the official website, you can complete the process conveniently from anywhere.

With a processing time of 3 days and an annual cost of AED 380, staying compliant is simple. Failure to renew your license can result in fines and legal consequences, highlighting the importance of timely renewal.

Online renewal offers numerous advantages, including convenience, time-saving, and accessibility. Frequently asked questions address common concerns, ensuring a smooth renewal experience for all drivers.



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