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Dubai Fine Check Online – Pay Dubai Traffic Fines



Dubai Fine Check Online - How to Check Your Fines in Dubai?

Dubai Fine Check, In Dubai vibrant urban environment, you must manage your responsibilities, including assessing any outstanding fines. You must remain aware of potential fines, whether you’re a resident or a visitor, in order to avoid significant legal complications. Being proactive about these aspects ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience in the city.

Dubai Fine Check Online

How to Use This Tool

The Dubai Fine Check online process is straightforward using this tool. Please follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Enter Your Plate Number in the provided box.
  • Step 2: Click on the Search button
  • Step 3: Move to the official website.
  • Step 4: Then, again enter your detail.
  • Step 5: Click on the Start button


This Site is connected to the official website. So your information will be safe and secure.

Dubai Traffic Fines Online Checking Guide

Check your Dubai traffic fines online using these methods:

  • RTA website
  • Dubai Police website
  • Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG)
  • Ministry of Interior website
  • Dubai Smart Police App

Dubai Fine Check Online Via RTA Website

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) oversees all transportation-related affairs in Dubai. Additionally, the RTA strives to improve processes for pedestrians and motorists by upkeeping and enhancing infrastructure.

You can check your Dubai fine via RTA by following these steps:

  • visit the RTA official website to pay fines
  • Select the Fines Payment option under Drivers & Car Owners
  • Click on “Start” to begin the process

On the next page, you will discover several ways to investigate fines:

  1. By plate number: Select your Plate Source, category and code, Enter your plate numbers.
  2. By license number: Choose an Emirate based on your license number.
  3. By fine number: Enter your fine number, along with the fine source and fine year.
  4. By traffic code number: Enter your Traffic code number.

  • Select your preferred search method and complete the captcha verification
  • Click on “Search” to review the fines listed

  • Accept the terms and conditions provided
  • Click Confirm and Pay to complete the process

Dubai Fine Check Only Via Dubai Police Website 

Dubai Police also has a website where you can check your fines. Follow these steps to do so:

On the next page, you’ll find several methods for investigating fines imposed on you

  1. By plate number: Enter your plate number, select your location, and choose a category and code
  2. By TC number: Enter your Dubai TC number here
  3. By license details: Enter your license number and source URL
  4. By fine number: Enter the fine source, fine number, and fine year on the ticket

  • Choose your preferred search method, complete the captcha verification, and click “Search”.

  • Payment can be made using a credit or debit card after entering the necessary information

Dubai Fine Check EVG

You can use the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) website to verify any fines associated with your vehicle. In this platform, you can find information about all vehicles registered in the Emirates.

To authenticate fines using the EVG system, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Emirates Vehicle Gate website at
  • You can pay traffic fines by going to the dedicated Vehicles section

There are several ways to search for fines associated with your name or vehicle on the fines page:

  1. By traffic code number: Enter the traffic code number to retrieve fines
  2. By Plate number: Enter both the traffic code and plate number. For accuracy, choose the plating source, color, and vehicle type.
  3. By license number: Select the relevant source based on the license number.



  • Complete the captcha verification after selecting one of the search methods
  • Click “Search” to initiate fines inquiry

  • If fines appear in the search results, take the time to read them. Pay for the ones you need
  • Pay your fines after you decide which ones to pay
  • Choose credit card payment online

Dubai Fine Check Ministry of Interior

Verify your fines via the Ministry of Interior website. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the Ministry of Interior website and access the E-Services Catalog, specifically the Traffic Fines Payment section

  • Sign in

  • Input the required information and captcha, and you will see your fines

Dubai Fine Check On the Dubai Police App

With the Dubai Police app on your phone, you can conveniently check your fines. Here are the steps to check your fines.

  • Launch the app and navigate to the ‘fine payment‘ service within the ‘traffic services‘ section.

You can inspect the fines assigned to you in the following ways:

  1. By plate number: Enter your plate number, location, and category, and code
  2. By TC number: Enter your Dubai TC
  3. By license number: Enter your license number and source
  4. Ticket details: Enter the fine source, number, and year

Credit or debit cards can be used to complete the transaction after selecting the fine.

Dubai Fine Chek By Phone

Dubai Police Call Center

  • Dial 901 to reach the Dubai Police call center.
  • Examine and settle traffic fines according to operator instructions.

Mobile Text Messages

Dubai Police will send you a text message about your traffic fine if you have registered for SMS notifications. The messages will provide details of the violation and instructions on how to pay the fine. You can follow the provided link to pay online.

Dubai Fine Check Offline Methods

Dubai Police Stations

  • Visit any Dubai Police station.
  • Visit the counter for traffic fines.
  • Please provide the staff with your vehicle details or driving license number.
  • Your fines will be verified and paid by the staff.

RTA Customer Service Centers

  • Visit any RTA customer service center.
  • Proceed to the traffic fines counter.
  • You will need to provide the staff with the details of your vehicle or your driving license number.
  • The staff will verify your fines and help you settle them.

Payment Methods

You can pay Dubai traffic fines using these methods:

  • Credit card: Credit cards can be used to pay fines online, by phone, or in person.
  • Debit card: Online and in-person payments accepted.
  • Cash: Dubai Police stations and RTA customer service centers accept cash to settle fines.

Important Guidelines

  • If you’re unable to pay your fines in full, you can request a payment plan.

  • If you believe that a traffic fine was issued incorrectly, you have the right to appeal.

Additional Details

Here is some additional information regarding checking and settling Dubai traffic fines:

  • Non-UAE residents can also examine their traffic fines.
  • You have the ability to clear someone else’s traffic fines if you possess their vehicle details or driving license number.
  • For inquiries or issues, contact the Dubai Police call center at 901 or the RTA customer service center at 800 829 292.

Paying Dubai Police Traffic Fines in Installments

Dubai now allows motorists to pay traffic fines in interest-free installments starting in February 2019. Banks such as First Abu Dhabi Bank and Noor Bank offer 0% Installment Plans for 3, 6, 9 and 12 months, provided the traffic fine is at least AED 500. The Dubai Police app, or the Dubai Police website, can be used to pay fines, or the traffic fine centers can be used.

How to Check Old Traffic Fines in Dubai:

If you need to check older traffic fines, follow the same methods above. Dubai Police and the UAE government online portals and apps typically include a history of all your traffic fines, both current and past. By providing your vehicle information or personal details, you can search for older RTA fines in Dubai. In this way, you can review and address any outstanding old fines.

Importance of Checking UAE Fines Online

  1. Convenience and accessibility of online checking: You can keep track of your UAE fines online in a convenient and accessible way. Online services are available 24/7, so individuals can monitor their fines at their convenience, from anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. Comparison with traditional methods: Online fine-checking is faster and more efficient than traditional methods, such as visiting a traffic department or waiting for paper notifications. The app eliminates the need for physical trips and reduces the likelihood of missing a fine notification.
  3. Advantages of timely fine checking: Checking UAE fines online ensures that you are aware of any outstanding fines promptly.  In this way, you avoid escalating fines and potential legal consequences by being aware of fines in a timely manner. As a result, you can maintain a good driving record, which minimizes disruptions to your daily routine.

Dubai Traffic Fine Mistakes to Avoid

Traffic fines not paid In addition to fees, you may lose your driving privileges and even have your car impounded. Make sure you monitor your fines and pay them on time to avoid escalating penalties.
Ignoring Additional Penalties Payment delays may result in late fees and car impoundment. It is important to address fines promptly in order to avoid additional complications and minimize the financial consequences.
Providing Incorrect Information False information during fine responses or payments can result in delays and incorrect penalties. Ensure that the right person is held accountable by providing accurate information to avoid complications.
Failure to Check and Clear Black Points License suspension may result from the accumulation of black points on the license. Attend traffic school or defensive driving courses if you accumulate black points.
Not Keeping Documentation Without proper documentation, it is impossible to dispute fines or contest inaccuracies. Make sure you keep track of your driving history, fines, and payments to avoid discrepancies.
Not Contesting Unjust Fines Financial losses and driving records can be impacted by unfair fines. Present evidence to support your claim if you believe a fine is unjust.

FAQs About Dubai Fine Check

How do I dispute a Police fine in Dubai?

  1. You can file a complaint in person at the Al Barsha headquarters of the General Directorate of Traffic.
  2. You can also dispute Dubai traffic fines at any police station.
  3. Call +971-4-606-3555 if you wish to file a complaint.

How can I check my car fine in Sharjah?

You can check online at the Sharjah Police website or app, the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) website, the Sharjah Road and Transportation Authority website, the Sharjah Municipality website, or in person at the Sharjah Police station.

How much is overstay fine in Dubai?

In the UAE, you will be fined 50 AED per day if you overstay your visa.AED 500 is fine if you overstay your visa by ten days. For repeat offenders, the fine can be even higher. The UAE can deport you if you overstay your visa for more than 60 days.


In Dubai’s dynamic urban landscape, staying vigilant about potential fines is essential for both residents and visitors. With convenient online platforms provided by authorities like RTA and Dubai Police, checking fines has never been easier. Proactive management of fines ensures a smooth and trouble-free experience in the city.