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Dh65 Million Raised at Dubai RTA Premium Car Plate Auction



Dh65 Million Raised at Dubai RTA Premium Car Plate Auction

Dh65 Million Raised at Dubai RTA Premium Car Plate Auction. Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has achieved a substantial milestone with its 115th Premium Vehicle Number Plates Open Auction, raising a whopping Dh65.588 million. This impressive figure marks a significant 28% increase compared to the previous auction, which brought in Dh51.216 million.

Highlights of the Auction

Held at the prestigious Hilton Dubai Al Habtoor City, the auction attracted considerable attention and participation. Among the plates on offer, plate (AA16) emerged as the highest seller, fetching an astounding Dh7,320,000. This was followed by plate (AA69), which sold for Dh6,000,000, and plate (AA999), which garnered Dh4,050,000.

Dh65 Million Raised at Dubai RTA Premium Car Plate Auction

The RTA offered a total of 90 fancy plates for bidding in this open auction. These plates featured a variety of two, three, four, and five-digit combinations across different categories. The diversity in plate options provided bidders with a wide array of choices, catering to various preferences and significances.

Promoting Fairness and Transparency

The RTA’s strategy of offering distinctive licensing plates at both open and online auctions is rooted in principles of impartiality, transparency, and equal opportunity. This approach ensures that all passionate number plate enthusiasts have a fair chance to acquire the plates that hold personal significance to them.

Symbolic Significance of Number Plates

For many bidders, these unique number plates represent more than just a means of vehicle identification. They symbolize important occasions, personal milestones, and cherished memories. The competitive bidding process reflects the high value and emotional attachment that individuals place on these distinctive plates.


The 115th Premium Vehicle Number Plates Open Auction by Dubai’s RTA has not only set a new financial benchmark but also reinforced the popularity and significance of customized number plates among the residents of Dubai. With a commitment to fairness and transparency, the RTA continues to engage the community through these highly anticipated auctions, celebrating both personal milestones and the spirit of competitive bidding.

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