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Dubai Metro to Reopen 3 Rain-Impacted Stations on May 19



Dubai Metro to Reopen 3 Rain-Impacted Stations on May 19

Dubai Metro to Reopen 3 Rain-Impacted Stations on May 19. When the UAE faced unprecedented rainfall and severe floods in April, four crucial Dubai Metro stations—OnPassive, Equiti, Mashreq, and Energy—were forced to close due to rain damage.

This disruption left Dubai Metro users eagerly awaiting the reopening announcement, with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) initially stating that operations would be restored by May 28, 2024. However, there’s good news from the RTA: three out of the four affected Dubai Metro stations will resume operations much sooner than anticipated, on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

RTA Announces the Resumption of Dubai Metro Services

Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority took to social media to make the much-awaited announcement. The statement confirmed that Dubai Metro services at OnPassive, Equiti, and Mashreq stations would recommence on May 19, with the Energy Metro Station scheduled to return to service the following week.

Completion of Maintenance and Testing

RTA emphasized that all necessary maintenance and testing tasks have been successfully completed to ensure the stations’ full operational readiness. Furthermore, they assured the public that stringent safety requirements have been met to guarantee the highest level of secure and smooth service.

Impacts of Record-Breaking Rainfall

The heavy rainfall experienced on April 16, 2024, left a profound impact on the Dubai Metro system. According to the National Centre of Meteorology, this rainfall event was the heaviest in 75 years, surpassing any documented records since data collection began in 1949. The record rainfall, spanning a 24-hour period from 9pm on Monday, April 15, to 9pm on Tuesday, April 16, resulted in significant damage and disruption to essential infrastructure, including the Dubai Metro.


The timely reopening of three rain-impacted Dubai Metro stations on May 19, 2024, comes as a relief to commuters and reflects the efficiency of the RTA in addressing infrastructure challenges caused by adverse weather conditions. As the UAE continues to navigate the impacts of extreme weather events, updates on the Energy Metro Station’s restoration will be provided via, ensuring commuters stay informed about the resumption of full Dubai Metro services.

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