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RTA Fines Dubai – How to Pay RTA Fines in Dubai



RTA Fines in Dubai pertain to penalties administered by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in the UAE for traffic infractions. These fines carry the potential for swift accumulation, resulting in significant repercussions like license suspension, vehicle impoundment, and potential legal measures.

It is imperative to routinely monitor for any outstanding RTA fines and promptly address them to avoid these undesirable consequences.

What is RTA Fines Dubai?

RTA fines cover a wide variety of traffic violations, each with its own penalty. These fines are used to enforce traffic regulations, deter reckless driving, and ultimately enhance road safety across Dubai. Violations can vary in severity, ranging from minor violations like parking violations to more serious offenses such as speeding or jumping red lights.

List of RTA Fines in Dubai

Serious Traffic Fines in Dubai

Violations of this rule can lead to criminal proceedings. Offenses that risk life or assets.

Driving under influence of drugs or narcotics
By court
60 days
Driving under influence of alcohol
By court
60 days
Causing death of others
By court
60 days
Causing severe accident or injuries
By court
30 days
Endangering life and safety of others
60 days
Damaging public or private properties
By court
60 days
Driving without vehicle’s number plate
90 days
Illegal transportation of passengers
Transportation of hazardous material w/o permit
30 days

Traffic Fines for Overspeeding in Dubai

Speed Limit (km/h) Fine (AED) Black Points Vehicle Confiscation
Exceeding by 80 or more 3000 23 60 days
Exceeding by 60-79 3000 12 30 days
Exceeding by less than 60 1500 6 15 days
Below Speed Limit (without black points)
Less than 50 over the limit 1000 0
Less than 40 over the limit 700 0
Less than 30 over the limit 600 0
Less than 20 over the limit 300 0

Overtaking and Wrong Parking Fines

Violation Fine (AED) Black Points
Parking in front of a fire hydrant 1000 6
Parking in spaces allocated for people of determination 1000 6
Making a sudden stop in the middle of the road without any valid reason 1000 6
Stopping your vehicle in the yellow box junction 500
Stopping your vehicle in a prohibited area on the left shoulder on public roads 1000
Stopping vehicle on pedestrian crossings 500
Parking behind vehicles, blocking movement 500
Stopping your car without keeping a safe distance as specified by law on curves, junctions, or turns 500
Improper parking 500
Parking vehicles on pavements 400
Stopping your vehicle in such a way that it becomes dangerous for pedestrians 400
Stopping vehicle in a way that pedestrian movement gets blocked 400
Wrong overtaking when driving a light vehicle 600 6
Overtaking from the road shoulder 1000 6
Overtaking from a prohibited place 600

Dubai Traffic Fines for Other Traffic Violations

The traffic fine rules and regulations are not just there to safeguard the roads and vehicles of the city. In fact, these stringent rules are designed to keep the city safe for everyone. Therefore, drivers should always maintain a responsible attitude and behavior towards traffic fines in Dubai.

Here are other violations that result in penalties:

Violation Fine (AED) Black Points Additional Penalty
Driving without the seat belt 400 4
Throwing garbage out of the car 1000 6
Driving a car that is polluting the environment 1000 6
Driving a noisy vehicle 2000 12
Making a child sit in the front seat 1000 (Children under 10 years must sit in the back seat, toddlers under 4 years must be in a child seat)
Using a phone while driving 800 4
Jaywalking 400
Driving with old/expired tires 500 4 Vehicle impounded for 7 days
Driving without proper car registration or insurance 500 5 Vehicle confiscated for 7 days
Driving without lights on during foggy weather or night hours 500 4
Rashly reversing your vehicle 500 4
Riding a motorcycle without a helmet 500 4 (Both driver and passenger)
Parking vehicle on pedestrian crossings 500

New Traffic Fines Dubai

On 6th July 2023, the authorities introduced some new traffic fines in addition to the existing ones. In detail, the new fines are as follows:

Traffic Violation Leading To Aed 10,000 Fines

  • Increase in sound and speed without required approvals.
  • Vehicles with number plates.
  • Getting away from the police.
  • Illegal or chaotic activities such as racing or displaying a vehicle publicly.
  • Without permission, tint windows or windshields.

Traffic Violation Leading To Aed 50,000 Fines

  • Driving a recreational bikes on paved roads.
  • Reckless driving and endangering others on the road.
  • Escaping a traffic signal or jumping at a red light.
  • Driving with an illegal or fake Dubai driving licence.
  • Hitting a police vehicle intentionally, may lead to vehicle impoundment.
  • Driving under the influence (under 18 years old).


Getting a vehicle impounded due to illegal racing can cost up to AED 100,000. This also includes racing without the authority’s permission and any activity endangering other vehicles, people and road objects.

Dubai Traffic Fines for Rash and Reckless Driving

Always abide by traffic rules and regulations

There are 23 black points for reckless driving, including the following fines:

  • Driving dangerously and injuring another party
  • Putting another person’s life in danger
  • Driving a vehicle without a number plate
  • Drunk driving

If the driver endangers someone’s life on the road, they will be fined for an amount decided by the court. Their vehicle will be impounded for two months. In addition, driving without a car number plate adds 23 black points, a fine of AED 3000, and 90 days of vehicle confiscation.

Drunk driving, however, will result in a huge penalty of AED 20,000 and the confiscation of your vehicle for 60 days. Depending on the court’s decision, jail time of a few days to a few months may also be imposed.

The following violations may result in fines and less than 23 black points:

  • Not stopping at the red light: A fine of AED 1000 and 30 days’ car confiscation result from this violation.
  • Vehicle blocking traffic: If you block traffic, you will be fined 1000 AED and given 6 black points on your license.
  • Driving too close to other vehicles: You will be fined AED 400 and receive four black points if you don’t keep a safe distance.

Traffic Fine Notification

A Dubai police message will be sent to you shortly after a violation is detected. Nevertheless, you can find out if a fine has been registered against your vehicle by filling out a simple form on the RTA website.

How to pay RTA Fines Dubai Online

If you Pay RTA Fines Dubai. Please follow these steps:

  • Visit the “RTA” official website.
  • Click on “Start” button.

On the next page, you will discover several ways to investigate fines:

  1. By plate number: Select your Plate Source, category and code, Enter your plate numbers.
  2. By license number: Choose “License Source” and enter your “License Number“.
  3. By fine number: Enter your fine number, Choose the fine source and fine year.
  4. By traffic code number: Enter your Traffic code number.

Click on “Search” button to pay your RTA fines Dubai.

Unpaid RTA Fines Check Online

Visit the Dubai Police website and select the “Traffic Fines Inquiry” service to determine whether RTA fines have been paid. Your license plate number or Emirates ID number will then be required.

By entering the required information, you will be able to view any outstanding RTA fines associated with your car or Emirates ID.

Your RTA fines can also be checked on the RTA app. In order to avoid any potential legal or financial repercussions, it is essential to regularly check for unpaid RTA fines.

RTA Fines Dubai Discount

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai regularly introduces traffic fine discounts on various occasions to incentivize motorists and promote road safety.

National Day Discount: In celebration of the UAE’s 49th National Day on December 2nd, 2020, the RTA announced a significant discount initiative. Motorists were offered a 50% discount on all traffic fines incurred before December 2020. Additionally, all vehicle impoundments and black points were waived until January 2021.

Year of Tolerance Initiative: As part of the Year of Tolerance initiative in 2019, the RTA introduced a groundbreaking discount program. Motorists had the opportunity to avail discounts on their accumulated traffic fines, provided they maintained a clean traffic record for a specific duration.

  • 3 Months Clean Record: Motorists who remained violation-free for three months received a 25% discount on their traffic fines in Dubai.
  • 6 Months Clean Record: Drivers with no traffic offences for six months were eligible for a 50% discount.
  • 9 Months Clean Record: Those who adhered to traffic rules for nine months were entitled to a 75% discount.
  • 1 Year Clean Record: Motorists who avoided fines for an entire year enjoyed a remarkable 100% discount on their traffic fines in Dubai.

This initiative aimed to encourage drivers to comply with traffic laws by offering positive reinforcement. Following the implementation of the traffic fine settlement provision, commonly known as traffic fine discounts, there was a notable 14% decrease in road accidents.

However, it’s important to note that while these discounts benefit those who have violated speed limits, they do not apply to parking fines and Salik fines. The scheme underscores the RTA commitment to fostering a culture of road safety and responsible driving among motorists in Dubai.

FAQs About RTA Fines Dubai

What is 400 AED fine in Dubai?

If you block pedestrian movement with your parked vehicle, you will be fined AED 400. A fine of AED 600 and six black points are imposed for improper overtaking in a light vehicle.

What is 4 black points in Dubai?

Driving without car insurance in Dubai carries 4 black points. When a vehicle suddenly deviates, it receives four black points. Six points are awarded for exceeding the maximum speed limit. Six points are awarded for overtaking on the road shoulder.

Is 6000 AED enough in Dubai?

As a result, you will never be able to send money back home nor will you be able to save in UAE. To live a relaxed life, you need at least 10,000/- AED a month. In case you do not wish to bring your family to Dubai, 6000/- AED will do.


RTA fines Dubai are important penalties enforced by the Roads and Transport Authority for traffic violations. Awareness of these fines is essential as they can lead to severe consequences like license suspension and vehicle impoundment.

Regular monitoring and prompt payment are necessary to avoid such penalties. Additionally, RTA periodically offers discounts to incentivize compliance and enhance road safety. This demonstrates their commitment to fostering responsible driving behavior among Dubai motorists.

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