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UAE Fine For Driving Without Number Plate



UAE Fine For Driving Without Number Plate

UAE Fine For Driving Without Number Plate. United Arab Emirates (UAE), adhering to traffic regulations is paramount to ensure road safety and maintain order. Among the numerous traffic violations, driving without a number plate stands out as a serious offense with significant penalties.

Driving Without Number Plate

Driving without a number plate is a violation that undermines the UAE’s traffic laws. The number plate serves as a means of identification for vehicles, enabling authorities to monitor and regulate traffic effectively. When a vehicle lacks this essential identification feature, it not only violates the law but also poses potential risks to public safety.

Penalties and Fine For Driving Without Number Plate

Individuals caught driving without a number plate in the UAE face severe penalties aimed at deterring such misconduct. The fine for this offense amounts to AED 3000, a substantial financial consequence designed to discourage drivers from disregarding the law. Furthermore, offenders incur 23 black points on their driving license, significantly impacting their driving record.

Vehicle Confiscation Period

In addition to the hefty fine and accumulation of black points, offenders also face the confiscation of their vehicle. UAE authorities enforce a confiscation period of 90 days, during which the vehicle is impounded. This measure serves as a punitive action to reinforce the seriousness of the offense and compel drivers to comply with traffic regulations.

How To Pay UAE Fine For Driving Without Number Plate

  • Visit the “RTA” website.
  • Select the “fine Number“.
  • Enter the “Required Detail“.
  • Click on “Search” to view your fine and pay.

Impact on Offenders

The consequences of driving without a number plate extend beyond the immediate penalties imposed by authorities. Offenders may experience disruptions to their daily routines due to the confiscation of their vehicle. Moreover, the financial burden of the imposed fine can strain their resources, emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic laws.

Preventive Measures

To avoid the repercussions associated with driving without a number plate, motorists must prioritize compliance with UAE’s traffic regulations. Ensuring that the vehicle displays a legible and valid number plate is essential for legal and safe driving. Regular maintenance and inspection of the number plate can help prevent inadvertent violations and subsequent penalties.


What is the fine for driving with a foreign license in UAE?

You must pay a Dh400 fine if you have a foreign driving license, but if you have permission, you don’t have to. An improper or non-authorized driving license will earn you 12 black points and cost you Dh400 in fines.

What happens if you drive without a license in UAE?

A valid driver’s license is required to drive in the UAE. In accordance with Article 51 of the Federal Law No. 21 of 1995 On Traffic, driving without a valid driver’s license could result in three months of imprisonment or a fine of at least AED 5000.

Can I drive in UAE without international license?

A tourist or a person with a visit visa cannot get an IDL from the UAE. Their home countries must provide it to them before they arrive in the Emirates. UAE automobile and touring club website information states that an IDL issued outside the country is required to drive in the country.


Driving without a number plate in the UAE is a serious offense that carries significant consequences. From substantial fines and black points to vehicle confiscation, offenders face severe penalties aimed at promoting road safety and adherence to traffic laws. By understanding the gravity of this violation and prioritizing compliance, motorists can contribute to safer roads and a more orderly driving environment in the UAE.

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