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Abu Dhabi Police Waive Off 35% of Traffic Fines if Paid Within 60 Days of Violation



Abu Dhabi Police Waive Off 35% of Traffic Fines if Paid Within 60 Days of Violation

Abu Dhabi Police Waive Off 35% of Traffic Fines if Paid Within 60 Days of Violation. Abu Dhabi Police has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative aimed at alleviating the financial burden on motorists. Under the scheme, dubbed “Bader wa Istafed,” drivers stand to benefit from significant discounts on traffic fines if paid within specified timeframes.

The Incentive: 35% Discount within 60 Days

Motorists in Abu Dhabi can now breathe a sigh of relief as Abu Dhabi Police offers a substantial 35% discount on the total value of traffic fines if settled within 60 days of the violation. This move comes as part of the police department’s concerted efforts to promote road safety and ease financial strain on the community.

Additional Benefits: Extended Discount Period

Even if drivers miss the initial 60-day window, they still have an opportunity to avail themselves of a 25% discount on fines within a year from their issuance. However, it’s important to note that this discount excludes serious violations.

Convenient Payment Options

To streamline the payment process, Abu Dhabi Police has introduced multiple convenient payment channels. Motorists can settle fines through police service centers or utilize digital platforms such as the official website and smartphone application. Moreover, to further enhance accessibility, fines can be paid in installments over a year, with zero interest.

Partnership with Banks for Zero-Interest Installments

Acknowledging the importance of financial flexibility, Abu Dhabi Police has collaborated with banks to facilitate zero-interest installment plans for fines. This option allows individuals to spread payments over 12 months, exclusively through credit cards issued by banks in partnership with the police command.

Multiple Payment Avenues

In a bid to cater to diverse preferences, payments can also be made via the Abu Dhabi Government official platform, “Tamm,” or through dedicated customer service and happiness centers. These initiatives underscore Abu Dhabi Police’s commitment to ensuring ease of payment and fostering compliance with traffic regulations.

Promoting Compliance and Road Safety

Abu Dhabi Police reaffirms its commitment to promoting adherence to traffic laws and regulations. By incentivizing prompt fine payments and reducing financial burdens, the initiative aims to cultivate a culture of responsible driving and enhance overall road safety.


Abu Dhabi Police proactive measures not only aim to mitigate the financial strain on motorists but also underscore their dedication to fostering a safer and more compliant driving environment. Through innovative initiatives like “Bader wa Istafed,” the police department continues to play a pivotal role in enhancing community welfare and road safety across Abu Dhabi.

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